Week 7 – Children’s Literature Studies

Here is the link to my Glog! http://rachelr21.edu.glogster.com/week-7-glog


One thought on “Week 7 – Children’s Literature Studies

  1. Rachel, your Glog is very colourful and has immediate visual appeal. You have chosen a lovey book for this task, and one that is appropriate to younger children. The rhythm and rhyme are important for the lullaby effect – as is the use of soft vowels and consonants.

    I am concerned that using a book such as this, for the activities you have designed, will not encourage students to engage deeply in the book. I think there are plenty of other ways for students to recognise rhymes, syllables and phonemes without having to use a soft, gentle book like this. We are working on literature in the curriculum and the classroom in Weeks 12 and 13 and I encourage you to keep developing your ideas and bring them along for sharing, critique and discussion.

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